Four Years


Wow - Four years already! And another four before that... just the kind that don't count for anniversaries. It's weird thinking that the couple in these photos had no kids. We could go out for dinner on a whim, take spontaneous vacations, and go to a movie on a wednesday night just because we felt like it.

Now we have screaming fights with a toddler every day at dinner because he 'doesn't like dinner - I only like snacks'. Our friday night entertainment typically involves Costco or maybe Target... rarely do I ask about how my husband is actually doing, but rather, it's 'how was Soren's day?', 'how was the drop-off?', 'Did he have a good nap?' Once those necessities are out of the way we will usually make eye contact and actually inquire about each other's days.

But the best part? We do actually still have lots to talk about, non-kid related. I still very much enjoy spending time together, just the two of us. We're looking forward to a dinner out on Friday night, and it will be a treat to sit down and focus on just each other. I'm a firm believer that relationships are 'partnerships', and for the most part I think we make a good team. The babes are our main focus right now, but we also realize that they won't always be, and we need to take the time to strengthen our relationship as a couple. Happy Anniversary!


Unknown said...

Happy 4 YEARS! So fun! Hope you enjoy dinner on Friday - so nice to enjoy eachother! Yaay!


Katie said...

happy anniversary!! what a beautiful bride you were!