Fall Supper


Here in Manitoba we have a tradition of 'Fall Suppers' that run throughout the harvest season. I'm not sure when or how they originated, but we have gone to one or two per year over the past few years, and they basically work in the same way.

Small towns host 'suppers' on Sunday evenings, typically in community centres, bingo halls, or churches. Members of the community make all the food themselves, and the proceeds from the dinners go towards local town upgrades. The dinners we have gone to usually serve turkey, potatoes, vegetables, salad, bread, and a whole bunch of deserts - usually pies.

This year we picked the above supper to check out, which was located about half an hour outside the city limits. The trees were all changing colours and it was a beautiful drive. The dinner did not disappoint - especially the 'pickled table' where I loaded up on the beets. We sat at banquet tables covered in gold plastic table clothes and faux fall centrepieces. The drink options were water or McDonald's orange drink... it has been years since I have tasted that!

Travel Manitoba has a list of all of the upcoming suppers. I'm not sure we will make it to any more this year, but it's a fun (and cheap!) way to explore our little part of the country.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely tradition! I love fall food almost more than anything. Also, congratulations for making it to 37 weeks! It wasn't too long ago that I was in your shoes. My second boy wanted to be reeaaaaaallllly late and I had to "shake him out". Really, I went to the chiropractor- and it worked. Seven hours after my adjustment, I was holding my new baby. I SWEAR! The pineapple? I ate 3 whole pineapples almost by myself in the last weeks. Nothing. Just a tip! ;) Though, pineapple is quite yummy.