It has been a long time since I have linked up with the 52 Project - a portrait of my children, once per week, for 52 weeks.

This week Soren is becoming more and more of a character, if that is even possible. He's hilarious, and chats non-stop about anything and everything. He's in a stage between being a baby and being a little boy. He still wants me to carry him a lot (which is going to have to change soon!), but he is very independent in a lot of ways. He seems happier and more settled than he was a few months back, and is generally fun to be around. 

The littlest babe is almost 37 weeks! She'll be arriving within the next 23 days, which is a little scary but oh so exciting. Her movements have slowed down a little as I'm sure space is getting tight. I'm not sleeping well at all, which I know allows me to get used to the sleepless nights in my near future. But it would be sooo nice to sleep for a solid eight hours! Even six would be a treat. Many of her little outfits have been washed and folded, and I finally bought a package of newborn diapers. Even though I think I have a lot to do, if she decided to make her appearance today I know we would be fine. Babies don't need all that much, after all:)

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Erin said...

Love pregnancy shots, have only just become daring enough to take my own. Congrats on your baby, praying all goes well, very exciting:)