Pregnancy Update - 31/32 weeks


This picture was taken at 31 weeks, but we are closing in on 32 weeks now. I haven't posted all that many pregnancy updates, and I want to remember how I felt at different stages along the way. With only eight more weeks left until we meet this little one, I am definitely excited!

Feeling: BIG! In the mornings I feel ok, but by the time I get home from work around 5 I feel like my stomach has expanded to five times it's morning size. I find myself mis-judging distances and banging the belly into tables, counter-tops, etc. I've also been feeling pretty anxious... about everything. I worry about the normal things like will this baby be healthy, but also about non-baby things. Work has been a bit stressful lately, I worry about Soren and what he is/isn't eating, I worry about the house not being clean, I worry about what to make for dinner, and I worry that NOTHING will be ready for this babe! I still have not made any progress on the kids new rooms... and there are other house projects I wanted to get done before the babe arrives that I worry we will not get to. None of these things are life-threatening... so I really just need to relax. I think I have been a pretty miserable wife lately... and I should really be apologizing to my poor husband. Thanks for putting up with me:)

Weight Gain: 21pounds, but probably gained a few this past week. I have been over-indulging in sweets and not eating the best meals. Around week 27 I started to feel quite nauseous again, but this seems to have passed.

Sleep: Hit or miss. It's usually a miss, but every few days I will have a great night and feel so much better. A lot of nights I toss and turn between 11 till 2ish, then fall into a decent sleep between 2 and 6am. This is definitely a symptom I recognize from my last pregnancy, and I suppose is getting me used to the sleepless newborn nights ahead of me!

What else... I've had some mild swelling of my hands and feet on really hot days, but my wedding ring is still on. My hair seems really thick, which is great, but makes me worried about the dreaded post-pregnancy hair loss which didn't happen with my first pregnancy. No heartburn, although I get stomach aches and indigestion fairly often.

I've just started drinking raspberry leaf tea, which is supposed to help strengthen the uterus. Once I hit 37 weeks I will start all the 'labor-inducing' tips, although none were successful with the Soren's Birth. I'd really like to go into labor on my own this time... but we shall see.


Unknown said...

I loved reading this post! It made me remember all my own pregnancy symptoms, and although I got REALLY big, I just loved being pregnant! And I hope to be again some day:)

You look great!

Unknown said...

Erika, 31 weeks!? Where has the time gone!!!? Looking fab, and your worries are totally norm! I mean I can only relate to babe one at this point, but ya catch my drift I'm sure!

Count down is on, and it always works out!


Unknown said...

gorgeous photo! How are you so far along already! You look so beautiful

la petite lulu said...

I bet that time has flown by! 32 weeks already wow - you look so good! Hope the sleep improves & the anxieties too - pregnancy just makes our hormones out of control and makes all the little things we can normally overlook so much more stressful :(

I also drank raspberry leaf tea, from around 37 weeks with Oliver until I went into labour. It tasted like dirt and although I don't think it did a whole lot for me, I'll still be trying it again next time round!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, I check in often. Your son is so cute, I love his new haircut. :)