After a cold few weeks - I would say about 6, the heat has finally arrived. The temperatures have climbed upwards of forty degrees, and it does not cool down at night. It's a little strange to be having this type of mid-July weather at the very end of August... but at least it feels like we've actually gotten a summer.

To escape our non-air conditioned house we spent a lot of time at the pool and at the splash pad. We braved the humidity on Saturday morning to go to the farmers market, and picked up our weekly supply of vegetables. Dinners depend on what can be made without any heat - so BBQing is winning out. We eat corn a lot - like four or five times per week. It's perfect really, because just as we get tired of it the season will be over.

I have held off on thinking about fall, certain that we still needed to stretch summer a little bit longer. After this week I think I can safely say I have had my fill - and I'll welcome the crisp fall air. A saturday night trip to Target (the best time to go), had me picking up canned pumpkin, which has me looking forward to pumpkin spiced muffins and other fall delights.

Fall is my favourite season, and this year it's going to be extra special as we will welcome the newest member of our little family. I have six weeks of work left, and about fifty days until we meet our little girl. There is lots to look forward to, but I am going to enjoy these last days of summer to the fullest. It's also the last days of our family of three, which had me feeling a little nostalgic today. Next summers trips to the pool will be markedly different with a fourth member.


mail4rosey said...

You've got some of the best things of summer pictured here. :)

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Unknown said...

Eating blueberries shirtless...the only way to do it with a toddler!


Mandi Noel said...

Your photos are making me want to savor summer just a little longer, as well. Thanks for sharing!

Visiting from the Miscellany Monday link up!

Melissa said...

Lovely summer photos. My son has that bulldozer, too. It is certainly not that clean, ha!

Karla Do More said...

Is it weird that a freaked for half a second thinking those were grasshoppers instead of corn?? haha

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