fresh produce and a picky eater


listening intently to a presentation on Goat's Milk products:)

How do you get a two year old to eat vegetables? Soren is the king of fruit, but when it comes to vegetables he turns up his nose at everything. We talk about veggies a lot, and he knows them all by name, but when it comes to trying them it is a battle we face every single night. I'm sure he would enjoy the sweetness of roasted beets, or popcorn cauliflower, or gingered carrots. The problem is getting one of these things in his mouth.

We've been struggling with food for awhile now. As a baby, Soren liked everything and would happily eat whatever we put in front of him. For the last six months or so, his food tolerances have gone WAY down, and he seems to be fixated on one particular food at a time. For weeks it was yogurt, and now it is cheerios and milk. He would happily eat six bowls of cheerios per day if we let him.

The good thing is that he loves fruit, and will never pass up a bowl of blueberries. He also eats most baked goods (even healthy things!), dairy products, and most types of pork. When I look at it that way I see that we are covering most of the food groups, but still, there are a lot of things that he will not even consider. Chicken? nope. Fish? no way. Pasta? maybe kraft dinner...

One of the things we had hoped to instil in our children was a love of food, and an adventurous palate. I've read quite a few books and articles on children and food, and while many theories sounds great in text, I can't seem to put them into practice. I try to involve Soren in food preparation as much as possible, and offer a variety of foods throughout each week. One of these days the kid is going to be shocked as he learns that the foods we've been making are actually tasty - and he's been missing out on a lot of great stuff. Let's hope this day comes soon:)


Unknown said...

I feel your pain, except Mason seriously hates most things. My little guy doesn't even like pancakes! Who doesn't like pancakes!?!

I never wanted to be in the position to make more than one dinner a night, and sadly am finding this to be the case. The food battle went down hill even more so than it was when he started daycare and got extremely sick the first week.

Good luck on the food front. I hear this is "just a phase" but it's been going on for well over a year!

Looks like we have stubborn little guys. And I agree, if they just took a bite, they'd realize how yummy these dishes ACTUALLY are!!!


Unknown said...

I replied on my blog - but realized ya may not see it!

It lasted this intense week – broke out into a huge rash at day 4. He had fifth’s disease. It’s in the family of the Chicken pox. The order is along the lines of Chicken pox, measles, mumps, fourth’s disese, fifth’s disease. Sounds intense when you hear the word disease come out of your paediatricians mouth! What did Soren have?

So at a loss too, Erika! I don’t want him not to eat so the go to’s are usually home made pizza where I boil or grill veggies and then puree them into the sauce to hide them, veggie dogs, and anything dairy is a go. I always try a new food everyday and just leave it on the plate. From what I’ve read, it takes kids at least 20 times of introductions to new foods for them to actually partake or taste them. It’s so tough! He doesn’t like anything it seems. Makes me a smidge jealous of all those kiddies I see eating everything! Let me know if anything works for you, and I’ll do the same!


Unknown said...

I hear ya on the fussy food business. Juliette wil HAPPILY eat a wax crayon, but don't try to get the kid to choke down a carrot!! Yeesh.

Hey! I am LOVING your new layout!! Did you do the redsigning yourself? It's Fab!