A toddler life


This little guy is now two years and two months old. Is this an easy age? Nope, not particularly. He definitely struggles with some inner turmoils a lot of the time, in the sense that he decides he wants Cheerios for breakfast, then has a huge fit because I put it in the 'wrong' bowl, and then cries that he 'feels sad'. I know there is a lot of learning going on inside that brain of his... and learning how to make sense of the world must be a difficult journey.

He's started to play make believe a lot more, which is completely adorable. We'll be in the car and hear his little voice start talking about tigers and lions and humpty dumpty... Or hear him 'disciple' the dogs when they do something he knows we would not like. The other day I tried to offer him coffee (as a joke) and he told me in all seriousness 'Mommy - babies don't drink coffee.'

Food is a definite struggle and has been for quite some time now. He gets fixated on one thing and doesn't want to eat much else. Cheerios are the current obsession, along with bread products, blueberries, pancakes, muffins, meatballs, and peaches. Really all fruits are ok, as are most grains.

We still have not moved him into a bed, as I am a little behind in my room renovations. Besides which, he sleeps SO well in his crib I am hesitant to change things up. Since the littlest lady will be sleeping in our room for awhile, there is really no need to rush things.

And potty training? Well, it's going. He pees in the potty every night before bed, and sometimes before naps too if he wants to stall a little longer. But we have not graduated to him telling us he wants to go. Ideally it would be great to get him trained in the next couple months, but we shall see. I think those things work best on the babes schedule - at least to a degree.

We have our fun moments and our moments of tears... usually within a couple minutes of each other. That's how toddlers roll, at least in our neck of the woods!


Christi said...

Oh, this all sounds so familiar! I know how frustrating the food issues are, but I was laughing through the part about the wrong bowl and feeling sad :) We go through similar things all the time. I keep telling myself that this phase will pass....

Unknown said...

My Juliette is 22 months and I'm funding this to be the most fun age (so far), and also the most trying at times. Tantrums took some getting used to, realizing that she was in fits for no particular reason Instead of there being an actual problem to fix.

He sure is a cute little guy though!!