'A portrait of my children, once per week, every week in 2013' - 52 Project

Soren - At two years plus two months, this guy is a talker! We hear him chattering away the second he opens his eyes in the morning. He'll start reciting stories about characters on TV, or stories that he has completely made up out of nowhere. He knows quite a few letters and numbers - and loves to point them out on our journeys throughout the day. After a lengthy bout of the flu he seems to be back to his normal self, complete with frequent temper tantrums that one would expect from a two year old. He's also very sweet and asks for cuddles or hugs, and will occasionally give out a kiss for his baby sister.

Baby girl - 30 weeks this week! I feel like we are on the home stretch now, which I have mixed emotions on. I'm starting to feel rather huge, which makes day to day activities a little more challenging.  I'm trying to enjoy every kick and punch, as I know I will miss feeling this little one inside me once she decides to make her grand entrance into the world. Me and this babe are off on a business trip this week - the last one for awhile - and once I'm back we will really be on the home stretch.

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