'A portrait of my child, once per week every week in 2013' - 52 project

Unfortunately, this smiley happy guy has been a bit under the weather for most of the week. He had a bit of the stomach flu on Tuesday, and it hasn't quite gone away. I dragged him to my family cottage on Thursday night, planning to spend a couple fun days in the sun with my parents. This guy did NOT want to be away from the comforts of home, and spent our time there in my arms, asking repeatedly if we could go home. After a mere 24 hours I agreed that home was where we needed to be, so we packed up and drove home. He was ever so happy to be re-united with his beloved dad, and he slept until almost 9am this morning! It's awful to see your child sick, and not acting like himself. He tries so hard to play, but then will stop and lay down amongst his toys. While the extra cuddles sure are nice, I'd prefer my independent fun guy any day.


Anonymous said...

Hope he feels better. Cute picture!!

Katie said...

what a great picture!! i hope he is feeling better!

Unknown said...

Ohh love the new site makeover! Awesome work!!!

Soren looks like he's a happy little dude here. Hope he's feeling better. There's nothing worse than being off home turf when you're little one is sick. Hope you're all doing well!