The new Friday and some other things


This Friday I am not in the office, but rather I'm spending the day with my favourite little date. As part of our new childcare arrangement I'm taking quite a few Fridays off, leading up to my maternity leave. An extra day to play at the park, bake muffins together, and hopefully get caught up on laundry. Two day week-ends always seem so short!

Speaking of mat leave - I am seriously starting to feel huge. I can't believe that I could still have 12 weeks with this baby girl in my belly. She kicks and punches and twists all the time, which is getting less comfortable by the day. Sometimes I stare at my stomach in complete amazement that there is a little baby in there... getting stronger and bigger all the time.

In preparation I have taken the plunge and actually purchased paint for the new kids rooms. I balanced precariously on a stool while taping one entire room, which I hope to paint this weekend. I'm starting to feel slightly anxious that I don't have more ready, so with luck I can get these rooms in order within a couple weeks.

My birthday was on Tuesday, and I was completed and utterly spoiled. Starting with Starbucks and cinnamon buns, a beautiful new watch, flowers at the office and at home, delicious Thai takeout, and cupcakes for desert. My husband outdid himself, and I couldn't be happier.

The cool weather continues and I'm getting slightly tired of wearing cardigans in July. One or two days was fine, but a week of below average temperatures has me worried that fall is just around the corner. And while I do love fall, I still need some beach days, cold iced teas, and cool showers. We are excited to be going to a farm party this week-end, which should be entertaining for the Littlest. Happy Friday!

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Alynne Leigh said...

ahhh! i just started on this little journey with you, and i'm already so excited to see the next few steps. enjoy the end of the maternity season! (: can't wait to meet your baby girl!