Pregnancy Pictures - 28 weeks


We attended a farm party on Saturday, and took advantage of the beautiful scenery to take lots of photos. My husband is becoming quite the photographer, I must say, and I absolutely love the shots that he has taken of me and my baby girl. I was thinking about getting maternity photos taken this time around, because I didn't the first time and I wondered if this could be my last pregnancy. I've decided against it, because I am more than satisfied with my husbands photos. There are a lot more things I'd rather spend $300 on. Now I just need to learn a little more about photography, so he isn't always stuck behind the lens!


Jennifer Hays said...

You're so beautiful! I agree, stick with your private photographer, he's awesome. :)

Deanna said...

You are adorable and your husband did did do a great job!

Nicolette said...

You look great! My favorite is the last one where your son is running in the background. Such an honest moment captured. Kudos to the hubs. Thanks for joining the Mommy-Brain mixer.