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We recently acquired a new iMac, and to go with it we purchased a new desk. We have a perfect little nook in our dining room that is just crying out for some decor. I have a few too many projects on the go right now... as I mentioned here, and here and here. While none of them are complete, I'm itching to get this little office nook organized. Here are some of my ideas:
image via A Beautiful Mess
image via the marion house book
image via Hiromatsu shop
image via A beautiful Mess
As you can see I am drawn to shelves! I'm not quite sure where to purchase what I'm looking for, so I'm trying to convince my husband to build me something. He did such a fantastic job on the new deck that I'm sure he could make something beautiful. In the meantime, I will continue to gather office inspiration as I muster up the energy to start paint coat number two on the new playroom. I'm sure a more organized person would complete one project before jumping into another...

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Katie said...

i love those colored wired baskets on the wall!