High Five for Friday


this picture is not where we are going this weekend, it's actually taken at a lake in the city where my sister got married last month! 
We are off to beautiful Lake of the Woods for a wedding this weekend, while the Littlest will be having a fun weekend with his grandparents. Lots to be happy about this Friday!

one - We have survived a terrible bout of the stomach flu. It was awful, but now it's thankfully over.

two - the summer heat is here to stay. While I will admit it's a little bit hotter than a 'perfect' temperature, I will take this over snow and cold any day. Our little window air-conditioner is working double-time, or all the time, and we hope it can last. Best $50 purchase ever.

three - family and friends who have pitched in to look after our brood this weekend. It's tough finding care for two lively pups and a toddler! We appreciate it:)

four - I am six months pregnant! It seems crazy to me that we are in the final few months, nearly in the 3rd trimester. I had a doctors appointment this week and we heard that wonderful sound of a healthy heartbeat. We also discussed the c-section / regular birth plan again, which I am still undecided on. She wants to schedule a c-section by 28 weeks which is my next appointment - so lots to think about before then.

five - a package arrived in the mail today... from Asos! They have the best maternity clothes and had a 50% off sale last week. Can't wait to wear some of the new items!

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