Frozen Yogurt and the Sweetest Belly Kisses


Slight photo overload... but these are just the sweetest pictures and I had to make up for my last post where I made the dude sound like a bit of a monster.

After dinner today (which did involve a lot of tears as someone would not say thank you) I asked Tyler to grab the camera as Soren and I picked out frozen yogurt popsicles from the freezer. Everything is a team effort. I open the freezer, he selects two popsicles, he hands them to me, I open them as he closes the freezer... I love having a little helper.

After finishing our popsicles in warp speed, the Littlest started running circles around our tiny yard. After a couple minutes he slowed down and I asked him if he wanted to kiss his baby sister. He got super excited and kissing through my shirt was not going to be enough! Up came the shirt to expose my big white belly for all the neighbours to see... but I really didn't care a bit.

What was going to be a quick outfit post turned into something much, much sweeter. Although I will mention my striped top is from, where else, Asos! They have the best maternity clothes:)


Jennifer Hays said...

So sweet! He is just such a cutie. I love the kiss shots. You look great, that's an awesome top!

Unknown said...

OH MAN...that is killer. So cute!


Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

Those photos are so incredibly sweet! What a cutie!

Fizz and Frosting

Anonymous said...

1 word - ADORABLE!