Canada Day - Lake Day


All pictures are from my iphone. We packed the camera but forgot the battery:(

We had plans this weekend to head out to my family cottage on either Sunday or Monday. It's a short 45 minute drive from the city, which makes it perfect for day trips. And trying to pack for an overnight trip with a toddler and two dogs is often more trouble than it's worth, hence the day trips.

We picked Monday for our journey outside the city, but on Sunday afternoon Soren came down with the stomach flu. The poor guy seemed in good spirits, but he continued to throw-up (very out of character for him) all afternoon and through the early evening. We figured we would wait and see how the night went, and make our decision Monday morning.

Monday morning we woke up early to beautiful clear skies and the forecast calling for 30 degree plus weather. At eight we were outside sipping coffee on our back deck and watching Soren throw blocks. It seemed the perfect day to go to the lake, and our little guy seemed healthy. A couple hours later we were pulled over on the highway trying to clean out the back seat with wet wipes - and Soren was stripped down to his diaper. We had a true 'we are parents' moment as we tag-teamed cleaning vomit off of the carseat and debated about heading home. Thank goodness we didn't! The rest of the drive was smooth sailing, and the day at the lake was just what we all needed.

Canoeing, swimming, afternoon siestas, sun-bathing, chicken salad sandwiches... all while hanging out with my parents and sister. It was a perfect summer day all around. Happy Canada Day!


Jennifer Hays said...

Happy Canada Day! It sounds like you've had a wonderful time with your family. :)

Unknown said...

Ohh where's your cabin!!!? So fun! We had similar weekends, so funny...minus the throwing up toddler. SHEESH! Hope he's feeling better :)

You look freaking cute in that cherry swim suit!