'A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013' - 52 Project

This about sums up the highlight of his day today. We got to the Farmers Market this morning and immediately spotted fresh, local strawberries. Obviously, we had to have them! Unfortunately, the Littlest wanted to eat all of them immediately, and wasn't too interested in anything else. He's been a bit of a grump these past few days... I'm thinking it could be a touch of a leftover cold from last week. Or he's still feeling sick from the flu that hit us last week, or the cold from the week before that...

We've been so lucky to have had such a healthy little guy - up until about six weeks ago. In his entire 25 months he's never had to take antibiotics, and so far he's managed to escape the allergies and asthma that plague his dad. But ever since he started at his new daycare he has been sick - a lot. It is one of many reasons why we're not very happy with his current daycare, even though I know kids are germ factories and it's to be expected. We are making some hard decisions about his childcare right now, and I'm optimistic that things will get better in the coming weeks. In the meantime, hopefully some juicy strawberries will lift his spirits - they have me craving strawberry pancakes for tomorrow morning!

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Unknown said...

Lovely photo:) hope the little guy brightens up soon!