Weekend Collection - butterfly edition


one - radishes at the farmers market
two - butterfly houses at the farmers market
three - visiting the butterfly house at the Winnipeg zoo
four - the toddler was not overly interested in the butterflies. It was so calm in there... beautiful flowers, butterflies, and caterpillars everywhere. And then there was Soren - racing through the garden paths screaming at the top of his lungs. 
five - love the colours
six - the most fun was had by walking along a little ledge. He wanted to do it over, and over again.
seven - taking a look at the buffalo
eight - a big sack of potatoes

As per usual, activities that one would think a toddler would like - going to the zoo - are overshadowed by random little moments that are ever so much more exciting. Our favourite part of the zoo was a little grassy spot in the shade near the buffalo. Soren was thrilled to escape his stroller and run up and down a little hill. 'I'm running down!' he would yell, and then do it all over again. It must have worn him out, as he was fast asleep pretty much by the time we left the parking lot. We are pretty happy with summer over here:)

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