This little house


We've been focusing a lot of time lately on our house - both inside and out. The deck is looking beautiful and we've been out there enjoying our morning coffees, afternoon iced teas, and evening drinks as much as possible. Just this morning we had friends over for brunch when our plans to go to the beach fell through (rain). Luckily, the rain held off until about 12:30 by which point we were all needing our afternoon siestas.

Other changes include planning for the new babe, who will be with us in less than four months! After planning and researching ideas for their new rooms, I finally took the plunge this weekend and bought a few things. The first was this rug from Target, where I spent my Saturday night:) I plan to use it in Soren's new room. I think the colours are going to be navy, grey, and maybe some pops of yellow. I've had more ideas for the nursery, but in order to start that project I need to get Soren's new room set up, so I'm trying to focus on him first.

We braved the rain this afternoon and headed to Ikea, which is fast becoming our favourite store. (I am SO happy to actually be able to go to Ikea and Target in the same week-end... in Winnipeg no less! This time last year such a trip would have been out of the question unless we headed down to the states. Now - if only we had an H & M, and a Zara...) We picked up a new computer desk in preparation for a  new (to us at least) Mac that we hope to get soon. I can't wait to decorate and organize our own little office space.

And for the most important item - we bought Soren a bed! It may be a few weeks or even months before we make the transition to using it, but you've got to start somewhere. I honestly have no problem at all with keeping him in a crib for as long as possible, but I think with a new room and new bed all set up he will be excited to make the transition. At the very least we will get it set up and let him use it for playtime, and the new babe will be sleeping with us for the first few months so there is no rush on freeing up the crib.

So the house is sort of in shambles right now, but I'm excited for all the changes happening. We're going to have a beautiful, cozy little nest come the fall when baby girl arrives. Perfect for welcoming a new little one, and perfect for our family of four to brave the winter months together.


Amanda said...

i would love to have an IKEA! there is a bed we want for stella from there, and i am trying to get my parents to make a trip to minnesota to get it for us. what one did you end up getting?

Unknown said...

I loveIkea and would not survive without Zara! You need to petition them to open?
Love your house. It's just so beautiful

Mama Smith said...

Oh we are on the same page here... home improvements, new rooms, and big boy beads on the brain! I only have a month and a half left to get my act together before our new baby is due though, so you've got a jump on me :)

Your house looks lovely.

xox Lilly

Unknown said...

A big boy bed! How cute - hope the transition goes well!

Loving the new Target as clean and easy to find everything!

Love the house shot with the balloons....balloons shout PARTY!