Summer Salad


The temperatures have finally risen into the high thirties, and our non-air conditioned house is feeling the heat. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is turn on the oven and start heating things up even more. Today, I had a craving for a BIG salad. Lots of textures, flavours, and colours. So, with the help of the produce we picked up over the weekend, a big Greek Salad topped with Calamari was created. And it was delicious!

Greek Calamari Salad:
- Mixed Greens
- Crispy Cucumbers
- Tomatoes (preferably local - they are so, so good right now!)
- Feta
- Sliced Red Onion
- Diced Red Peppers
- Olives (which I forgot to add, but would have been delicious)
- Greek Salad Dressing

Mix everything together, top with crispy calamari, and drizzle with lemon. Enjoy with an icy cold Perrier, or beer if you are not pregnant:)


Jennifer said...

This looks really good! Thanks for the recipe. It really did warm up there, stay cool.

Sara said...

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Thanks for linking up today!

Mary Marcotte said...

Found via the Meet and Greet blog hop! This salad looks so yummy! I'll have to give it a try. Perhaps with chocolate chip/pecan cookies for dessert--my favorite!

Marta Vodrey said...

Did you make that calamari?? It looks unreal - love summer salads!