A little boy and a goat


We had been looking forward to June 1st for a long time, because that was the opening day for the St Norberts Farmers Market. The days leading up to it had poured rain, so we were happy to see that the forecast was calling for a dry day, even though the temperatures were in the mid-teens. We bundled up - me somehow forgoing my favourite rain boots - bad mistake - and headed off.

If you asked Tyler or I how the morning went, we would probably say cold, windy, wet... etc. Soren would have a very different opinion. Firstly, when we told him we were going to the Farmers Market, he asked 'I see cows?', clearly associating farm with animals. (He has never been to a farm yet.) We explained that there would be no cows, yet he kept asking, and kept repeating that he would be seeing cows.

We picked up our favourite eggs, cinnamon buns, fresh honey, and local sausages. Then it was time to let Soren out of his stroller and into the mud. He leapt straight into a puddle and was quickly covered in chalky mud. Then we spotted some baby goats! Soren was in heaven. He raced over to see them, and was even more excited when a nice lady told him he could feed them. His little hand shot into the bucket of food as fast as he could, spilling goat food everywhere. And then there they were, nibbling out of his hand, while he couldn't quite believe it and asked 'I feed goats?' Yes sweetie, you fed the goats:)


Unknown said...

what a blast! I love your last photo of you two, and that baby bump!

jessica said...

I'm amazed that weather is still in the teens in some places!! Crazy. We're already in the 80s and 90s! lol

LOVE LOVE the pictures of you and your boy, so sweet!

Sarah S. said...

adorable pictures. Looks like he really enjoyed the day.

It Feels like Chaos said...

What cute pictures! Your little boy is at my favorite kid age. They are so busy at that age, but it's so fun to explore the world with them when everything is new and exciting!