Sunday Funday


The weather was absolutely terrible, but we made the most of the day regardless. Brunch with friends, dessert for lunch, and a trip to Ikea rounded out our day together. I'm trying to get our house organized, and for Mother's Day I was given a lovely storage unit from Ikea. After today's trip I picked up some baskets and organizers, determined to de-clutter our house and bring about a sense of order. I've also been pining away on Pinterest and getting lots of ideas for some new bedrooms in our near future. I love organizing and home decor, so I've been having lots of fun pouring through wallpaper samples, catalogues, and paint colours.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's holiday - in Canada it's Victoria Day - and enjoying another day with my two favourite guys. More home projects are on the go including hanging new curtains, planting in the garden, and further de-cluttering. (Is it just me or is de-cluttering a never ending battle? I feel like I give away bags of stuff every month, and surely I don't accumulate that many new things?!) It sure feels good to drop that bag of old clothes in the giveaway bin, or add more old boxes to the recycling bin. I could never be a hoarder...

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Jennifer Hays said...

You look so great, Erika. It sounds like you had a nice day, making the best of the bad weather too.