Daddy's helper


We went for a little (long) walk tonight - just the Littlest and I. We headed to a playground where we played on the slides, the swings, and stopped to watch the 'big kids' play soccer. While he had a lot of fun, he was even more excited when we came home to discover Tyler out in the yard gardening! Whatever daddy did, Soren copied.

Now that the weather is finally nice we have been enjoying so many more things outside. From dining al fresco, to walks, to simply reading outdoors. Our house seems so much larger and the evenings seem to go on forever. We had one of the longest winters I can ever remember, and there is no way I am taking any of this outdoor time for granted. So don't let me complain when I'm whining about no air conditioning in the heat of August! Bring on the sun!

Why hello there baby! I think this angle may exaggerate the bump ever so slightly, but it is definitely growing. I've been feeling some flutters for the last week or so, and last night Tyler was able to feel them too! It's a long weekend for us, and I am every so excited to have Monday off. Happy weekend:)


Unknown said...

My fave-the last pic! Awesome! Hello there baby!

Unknown said...

Sweetest helper ever! And he's so excited!!
The Bump is looking awesome!

Unknown said...

ohh so fun! I love your photos and your baby bump:)

tinajo said...

Nice to have a bump - it´s 8 years since my last one, but I loved it! :-)