Backyard living


This past week we have spent every evening between 5 - 7pm on our back deck. It feels like we've added a big new room onto our house! It's still a work in progress, but slowly it's coming together into a beautiful space. For this I have to entirely thank my husband - while I take on most of the indoor decor, he's entirely taken over our outdoor space. When we first moved in (almost 3 years ago - wow!), our backyard consisted of gravel and more gravel. We installed a really cool fence made out of recycled steel (or paid someone to install it), and slowly added some patio furniture and plants. This year we have a big deck addition that should be completed really soon, which will expand our living space dramatically. 

On Tuesday the Littlest walked out to a big surprise - a very special daddy had bought him an early birthday present in the form of a water/sand table. The little guy is in HEAVEN! When he woke up this morning he immediately looked out of his window, saw the table, and told me 'Mommy I need socks!' Meanwhile he was still in his pj's, and I think his line of reasoning was that he then needed socks and shoes to go out to play. Only a toddler would want to go outside to play with a water table at 7am - with a cold chill still in the air and before any breakfast. Of course the weekend forecast is calling for rain, but hopefully we can find a few hours to relax al fresco. 


la petite lulu said...

Your deck looks glorious! Nothing quite beats being outside - esp when you're a toddler :) Looks like the weather has warmed up finally too, lovely!

Unknown said...

Looks lovely :) I'm hoping to get my little one a water table too. Hopefully she likes it just as much :)