Weekly Collection - Our weekend


one - Saturday morning at the park. This kid can climb anything! Even in winter boots and mitts...
two - Beautiful terrarium. I want one! This one is from Oak and Lily, a new shop I can't wait to go into.
three - morning cuddles, pj's, coffee, and sesame street watching
four - at brunch on Sunday morning (where Soren ate seven or eight pancakes!!) this record player was discovered. Soren had a lot of fun dancing and listening to music.
five - family photo, reflective style
six - more brunch fun. I'm sure this glass coffee table was not purchased with a toddler in mind.
seven - running away from Mommy. On the look-out for some puddles to jump into!

We had a lovely weekend and I'm feeling recharged for the week ahead. Of course, an extra day would always be nice, but for some reason work weeks were designed to work five days. I've never quite understood that one:)

Soren had fun hanging out with some out-of-town uncles he rarely sees, coincidentally both my brother  and one of Tyler's were here at the same time. I didn't cook at all, thanks to some fantastic family dinners, and an amazing brunch with friends on Sunday morning. To be honest, cooking was not something that I could have done much of anyways. This pesky morning sickness is still hanging around, and the strangest smells are setting me off. Tyler made smokies for lunch, a littlest favourite, and I had to go hide in the guest room until the smell cleared the house. I've joked that I've given up meat, which is not entirely true, as I manage to eat the occasional piece of chicken or bite of steak, but for the most part meat is completely unappealing to me.

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