Little hands and big hands, practicing the art of colouring together. The Littlest is not usually to interested in colouring, but his scribbles are getting a bit more pronounced and definitive. It's been awhile since my last blog post, but for good reason. I spent Tuesday to Friday in Washington DC, attending a work conference and visiting capitol hill. Washington is a beautiful city, full of architecture, museums, gardens, and good food. I would definitely like to return one day with Tyler, and explore all of the historical sites and tasty eateries.

While I was gone the two boys apparently had a good time, barely missing me at all. It was great to come home to them on friday night, and put the Littlest to bed and enjoy some take-out sushi with Tyler, while I talked his ear off about everything I saw and did on my trip.

The weather is finally warming up enough to spend some serious time outside, and we're taking advantage of it all. Parks in the morning and afternoon, an hour long dog walk today, and a little spring cleaning with the windows open. It sure is great to sweep out the cobwebs of winter, and prepare for sun-filled summer days.

By the time the weather starts to cool off again, I will have a new little babe to keep cozy in our little home. I'm 15 weeks along, and starting to feel better from the nausea that has been plaguing me for several months. Yesterday I took advantage of naptime to clean out my entire closet, packing away items for winter or clothes that will not fit me for the next six months. In their place are a growing number of spring/summer dresses, hopefully cut generously enough to cover my expanding belly. We're leaning towards finding out the sex of this little one, and I think we can find out in the next couple weeks! I can't wait to start preparing little boy or girl newborn clothes, as well as planning the nursery. In the spirit of spring cleaning and planning, I want to go on a MAJOR purge of the house. Clothes, books, kitchen gadgets, toys... everything that is not needed or loved can go. A fresh, clean house is just what we need to prepare for this next stage of our lives.


Jennifer Hays said...

Good for you, it will feel so good to have everything fresh and new when the baby comes. Your trip sounds very nice; I haven't been there myself but my husband goes to DC frequently for work. I'd really like to go with him sometime.

Unknown said...

It's so cleansing for the soul to have a big ol' spring clean! Glad you are not feeling so sick.