This year... Last year


In the first week of April last year, the snow was long gone. We (I mean Tyler) had gotten a good start on gardening, our winter jackets were stored away, and Soren was busy learning about fun things like mud, grass, and rocks. This year - I can't even bear to put up a picture. It is freezing, minus 15 degrees last night, which is unseasonably cold for April. Worse, we still have a good 2-3 feet of snow on the ground. Ugly, brown, half-melted ice... it's long past it's pristine winter white. 

I've been trying to brighten my house up with fresh flowers, and brighten myself up with lots of bright coloured clothes. It's sort of working... I hate complaining about the weather, and I honestly love living in a city with four very distinct seasons. So come on spring, we are ready for you!

Five spring faves that I'm looking forward to:
1. Dining al fresco (or even sipping a coffee in the sun, with a thick sweater on)
2. Wearing heels and not getting stuck in ice ruts
3. Day trips and week-end trips - hopefully with this Kate Spade bag that I am in love with
4. Picnics and home-made iced tea
5. Open windows at night - with fresh air blowing gently through the house

Happy Friday!


Carly said...

I heard last year was nice with no snow, too bad it's not the same this year. :( I love the exterior of your house! It looks so charming and full of character!

Unknown said...

Cute house!
freeezing here in England too :(