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We have a three bedroom home, which is currently divided up as our room, Soren's room, and a guest/playroom. Since we are adding another baby to our family in the fall, I have started to think about what do do with that third bedroom. Logically, we could move Soren out of his current room - which is set up like a nursery - and give him a new 'big boy' room. The new baby could take over the nursery after he/she transitions out of a bassinet, and all would be well.

However, I really like the idea of shared spaces. Pinterest does nothing to help this, as I constantly find beautiful inspirations of rooms that kids share, regardless of the gender. I also like the idea of having separate sleeping and playing spaces. At the moment we don't have another option for moving the playroom - so if we convert it into a bedroom we lose a play space. One day we may get around to finishing our basement... but that could be a long way off.

I love this room. I love the white vintage crib, the pale yellow walls, and the cute prints with the children's names above their beds. Room details, and photo, found here
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I specifically like the beds in the above pictures, with their curved footboards and spindles. This kids room is part of a 500 square foot apartment that has the BEST use of space. It reminds me that we don't need a lot of space...
And lastly, these cute modern bunk beds make me smile. The original photo credit is lost... if anyone knows the original source please let me know. The bottom bunk would be perfect for a little guy who could roll out, as there's not much of a distance to fall!


Amanda said...

we are sharing spaces with our littles, too! i love the first picture. so bright and charming. :)

xx, amanda

Sarah said...

Hi Erika! Just hopped over to your blog from the link up! Congrats on baby #2 and your little guy is a DOLL! He was born exactly 5 months after my Drew (1.12.11). Anyway, love the blog and am your newest follower!

Hope you'll stop by and follow back!

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mail4rosey said...

I like that bottom one, with not much room to fall. :) I did see, though, on Mellywood's blog where her bunk beds expanded so much from heat that the top bunk broke and fell, just missing a child who'd gotten up for water moments earlier. Just a point to consider.

We have bunk beds, but they're metal, still I'm nervous a bit now and will likely switch them out this summer.

Good luck whatever you decide! Pinterest is fun for finding ideas, for sure. :)

Katie said...

I LOVE that first room - so cute!

Nicole said...

LOVE, love, love these rooms! I'm not sure which one's my favorite... but if I had to choose, I'd go with the top! The color scheme is just too lovely!