Maternity Clothes


Amazed to see sun actually peeking through the clouds!
Wearing - H & M maternity pants and t-shirt, pink belt from JCrew, cardigan from Banana Republic, and ColeHaan pumps which are my most comfortable pair of shoes. 

I, like probably most women, have a love-hate relationship with maternity clothes. On the one hand, yes they are comfortable, and it's great not to have to squeeze into tight fitting jeans. However, maternity clothes can also be expensive, ill-fitting, and not at all stylish. Here in Canada I find there is a real lack of maternity options. The Gap does not even sell their maternity line here! For my first pregnancy, I bought two pairs of jeans that I practically lived in, and then alternated t-shirts with cardigans. I was also pregnant through a lot of the winter, so my options for dresses were pretty limited. 

This time around I am gonna be pregnant right through the heat of the summer. And I'm super excited for skirts, dresses, and especially maxi dresses! I'm hoping that a lot of non-maternity styles will be able to fit over my big bump, and still look stylish and current. I've been scouring, Old Navy, and H and M for maternity clothes. I am also in love with the line Hatch, but I'm not sure I can justify some of their prices. We will see, as I get bigger and more desperate:)

This was the first day I rocked the maternity pants, and I must say it felt good. I'm wearing a borrowed pair of black skinny pants from H and M, which I can tell are going to get a lot of use. Any mamas out there with advice on where to find cute clothes?

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Jennifer Hays said...

You look terrific, Erika. Pregnancy suits you. I love this outfit. :)

Sheila said...

Cute maternity outfit! I love the stripes. :)

Found you via Shanna's linkup!

xo – Sheila
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Jelli said...

You look so cute! Love the striped top and those shoes. Enjoy warmer weather this pregnancy! Maxi dresses of the non-maternity genre are super comfy.

Derek001 said...

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