hey baby - or little boy?


My baby is going to be 22 months soon, and it's clear that he's getting more independent. He thinks about so many things, and picks up on more than I could ever imagine. Today, as I was getting him out of his carseat, I bumped my head on the door-frame. 'Ouch', I said, rubbing my head. 'Mommy kiss?' - he asked in his sweetest voice, leaning to kiss my head.

As sweet as he can be, he can also be very naughty. He likes to drink his milk, or water, and keep a secret mouthful in his mouth, waiting for the perfect opportunity to spit it out. Mealtimes are still a struggle. Somedays he's perfect, and eats whatever we put in front of him. Other days it's tears and screams, and a chorus of loud NO's. Fruit is still a favourite, as well as baked goods, soups, crackers and cheese, rice, beans, hot dogs or other types of pork, yogurt, applesauce, and milk.

Our best sleeper is still a world class sleeper, and sleeps perfectly throughout the night with a three hour afternoon nap. He's still in his crib (yay!), where I plan to keep him for as long as possible. (Although I've started to look at toddler beds and they are just so cute!!)

We've made no progress on potty training, and I'm not rushing it. He's not very interested in it right now, but I'm hoping that by the time summer rolls around we can spend some naked days at home and let him figure things out.

He's starting to pick out certain letters - S, O, and M - and loves to point them out where ever he sees them. He still likes books, but a bit less so than a couple months back. I'm really happy to see him playing games that he makes up himself, such as making up obstacle courses in the house, playing with kitchen gadgets, and re-arranging all of our shoes. Every day brings new challenges and new discoveries, and we are loving being parents of such an energetic little guy.

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Sarah S. said...

he is just too adorable! and all those little precious moments go by so fast (even the naughty one's ...lol...) My son will be 4 next weekend! It's amazing how fast it has gone by.
Here from the misc. mon. linkup and now following via GFC.
I also wanted to mention how pretty your Easter pics/brunch looked. I love Brunch!