Easter Brunch


We hosted Easter brunch this year, which is definitely my favourite meal of the day to host. I'm often up early, so it's not much more work to prepare breakfast for ten, rather than three. 

On the menu:
Home-made Cinnamon Buns
Fruit Salad
Baby Greens with Roasted Beets and Pine Nuts
Raspberry Lemon cupcakes
It was a lovely day - minus the snow outside (on Easter? Really?). Soren and Rupert were very excited to watch our guests arrive! I absolutely love baby suspenders, I need to find more opportunities to put them on the Littlest. We are so lucky to live close to family and friends, and sitting around a big table together is the perfect way to spend any sunday. Next year, and I assume for years to come, we will be involved with the big Egg Hunts, but this year we enjoyed a lower-key Easter. 


Jennifer Hays said...

It looks like a very nice holiday. Your food sounds delicious. Sorry about the snow, though. :)

la petite lulu said...

Love the chalkboard sign! And the suspenders... Aw! I can't get enough of them too. I tried to put some on Ollie on easter sunday but he wouldn't have a bar of it :(