Blackberry, Lemon, and Thyme Muffins


I bake a lot of muffins, but I tend to stick to 'regular' types like Blueberry, Banana Oat or Carrot. While flipping through a Bon Appetit magazine I came across this recipe. I was a little apprehensive about using Thyme, a savoury spice, in a sweet muffin, but I love the contrast of flavours. They were a tiny bit harder to make than a standard blueberry, but well worth the effort especially for a brunch or special occasion.

Between this batch of muffins and a big loaf of banana bread, I think the boys have enough baking to last them till Friday. I am off to Washington DC in the morning, or rather middle of the night (6am flight), and I wanted to stock the freezer with goodies. I'm a little sad to leave the littlest for three nights, but hopefully he'll have so much fun he won't even realize I'm gone. Over the weekend he was asking to go to daycare, so I know he has a great time every day. Facetime will have to make do for goodnight kisses!