Another cold weekend


We're starting to feel a little stir-crazy over here. It snowed/rained all week-end, and our energetic little guy needs some grass to run free on. Our house is starting to feel too small, too cramped, and too dark. We long for sunny days that can be spent at the park, sliding, swinging, and playing games.

This afternoon we gathered up the whole clan - me, Tyler, the littlest and the two dogs, and tried to go for a walk. It was much colder than we anticipated, and the snow/ice continually got stuck in the wheels of the stroller. We tried to enjoy the fresh air, and somehow didn't notice that the dogs were getting wetter, and wetter, and wetter. Once we arrived home, they both let out some massive shakes and sprayed dirty, mucky water all over the walls.

I did take advantage of the gloomy weather to get some baking done, and I'm looking forward to banana bread and chocolate chip cookies in my lunch tomorrow. We also had friends over for brunch, and laughed all morning watching Soren and his little friend play together. They jumped on the bed, fought over a specific chair, and tore up the house up in true toddler fashion. The weekend wrapped up with a good old family nap - or more like a family rest and tenting session. We can't wait for warmer weather, for naps in the sun and outdoor tents.

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Jennifer Hays said...

I can't believe you're still having such wintry weather there. I really hope it ends soon. I'm glad you're able to enjoy yourself anyway. :)