A portrait of my child - once a week, every week, in 2013
We are trying our hardest to spend time outside, but mother nature is really pushing it. Snow on April 21st? The littlest and I were up early this morning and decided to take the pups for a walk, and sure enough, it was snowing. Not a ton of snow, but enough to warrant Soren being wrapped in an extra blanket in his stroller, and enough to make my mascara run all over my face. When we came home we decided blueberry pancakes were in order, and from there I just kept on baking. I'm off to Washington early Tuesday morning, and I wanted to make sure the boys had enough to eat this week. I've left them well stocked in the baking department, which is coincidentally Sorens favourite food group.

My morning sickness seems to be letting up, however I get these terrible headaches a couple times per week. They are very intense, and tend to last all day (after the onset which hopefully is later on in the day). While they last I feel very nauseous and light-headed, so the morning sickness feeling lives on - in small doses. Hopefully this just means there is a healthy baby growing away, getting bigger and stronger every week. I know I am getting bigger... and it's been a challenge to try and put together professional outfits for my trip this week.

We are just in awe of how polite our little guy is these days! He says 'thank you Mommy', totally unprompted, after I do something as mundane as taking his pants off for a diaper change. Today before dinner, I wiped down his highchair because it was quite sticky (a common highchair issue), and as I was walking back to the sink his little voice popped up 'Thank you Mommy'. We couldn't believe it! I hadn't said anything about wiping it, or it being dirty, and he was busy playing at the time. I hadn't even known he was watching me. I must say, I owe my husband a huge thank you for these impeccable manners. He has been calmly and gently teaching Soren since day one, and as a result we find ourselves being politer too, not to be outdone by a 22-month old:)


Jennifer Hays said...

Soren is such a handsome little boy. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, I hope it passes soon.

Lottie Storey | Oyster & Pearl said...

Such beautiful light - really love the magic hour.

Glad to have found your blog via Che and Fidel.

Anne Hill said...

Girl I feel you! If we get any more snow in April I may just think spring has died!