Being in Palm Springs, we spent a lot of time by the pool. We weren't sure how the Littlest would like swimming, since it's been quite a few months since he's been in the water. Bath-time can sometimes be hit or miss. On our first day we loaded up on the sunscreen and ventured into the pool, and our little guy practically jumped in! There was no turning back, and we had to make sure someone was watching him at every second as he tried to throw his little body over the edge. I think I'm going to have to sign him up for swimming lessons, because he's not going to want to wait till May or June to get his little swim trunks on again. We had hoped, somewhat optimistically, that we would return home on MARCH 21st and see the snow melting, hoping that spring was just around the corner. No such luck. We returned home to mountains of fresh snow and crisp, cool temperatures. I've been home for only a few hours and the desert heat already seems like a dream. Hurry up, spring!

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la petite lulu said...

How cute is his hat! Swimming weather is looking so appealing - if only summer would hurry up and get here!