Planning and Packing


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I'm washing and drying and folding and planning... trying to figure out what our family is going to need on our upcoming trip to Palm Springs. Last Year only Soren and I went, and he was much more portable at a mere 8 months. It seemed like he didn't need a lot, so long as he had a few items of clothes, his blanket, and his mama for food! This year I feel like he needs a lot. He'll need to be entertained on the plane, so I've been busy buying and preparing little treats he can unwrap while in the air.

It's also tough flying with my husband, as he is a very nervous flier. When I travel by myself for work, I find planes to be very relaxing. I'll settle in with a good magazine or a movie, slip my shoes off, and munch on m and m's (I always buy m and m's in the airport!) I know this trip will not be like that, but I'm hoping that by being prepared we can handle the three hour flight without any major meltdowns. Thank goodness we have direct flights, so even if there are some issues I'll be able to see an end to the craziness.

So the next few days will be filled with lists, lists, and more lists. The dogs will be dropped off at their respective baby-sitters, bags will be filled, and we'll make that early morning drive to the airport. It seems like good vacations always begin at the crack of dawn, or really the middle of the night. As I pack I will be dreaming of shedding my winter coat for a breezy sundress, and I'll envision watching Soren get his first taste of running in the grass. I can't wait!


Unknown said...

Have an amazing trip! Good luck flying with soren, Im terrified of that when the day comes!

Bethany@ said...

EEEEKK!! Running in the grass!! So excited for you! Have a great time!!!!