Eggs decorating and some tears


So, I had great intentions of creating a new tradition of dying Easter eggs with Soren - this year being year one. I purchased an egg decorating kit, and since I had the day off for Good Friday, I figured this would be the perfect morning to enjoy a craft together. It didn't go so well. The dye is messy (obviously) and Soren is at the stage where he wants to do everything by himself. I seemed to be lacking patience today for some reason, and about two minutes after we started Soren was in tears. And more tears, and screams, and full on toddler meltdown. Tyler came downstairs to try and intervene, or cheer us up, and only managed to further enrage the Littlest. 'Look at these pretty eggs Soren - do you like the yellow ones?' 'NO EGGS, NO EGGS, NO YELLOW!!" Sigh.

Since it took a few minutes to dye the eggs, we managed to calm down the screamer and he was much better during the big egg reveal. These pictures make it look a lot more fun than it was... Lesson for me - Relax! Things will not always go as planned with a toddler. I should have taken his clothes off and let him touch the eggs as much as he wanted. Next year:)


kaylynnczy said...

hahah! So cute! I've been meaning to dye eggs with my two year old...then I read your post... maybe I'll wait... ;)

I'm having the same transition going with my little girl - she wants to do everything by herself and gets mad when I try to help! So frustrating!

(Finally switched over to a wordpress - hope you'll still follow me!)

Jennifer Hays said...

Aww, poor little monkey. It must be so frustrating for them! Poor mom too. I'm sorry it didn't go better but I am positive that it will be better next year; he'll understand much better. Happy Easter to you!

Brianna Renee said...

awee, he is too cute. kuddos to you mama for trying! can't wait to try (maybe) next year with my little. new follower via the blog hop :)