A weekly collection


one - my dad buying some breakfast tacos at the Palm Springs flea market
two - Soren grooving to some live music
three - the beautiful Balboa Park, in San Diego
four - a foggy morning in Coronado. I wish we had stayed at the beautiful Hotel de Coronado
five - dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean
six - a mom of triplets became quite a spectacle as she tried to change her babies. There were probably 20 people standing around!
seven - we saw a lot of lizards in the desert, especially on a hike one morning
eight - hiking (or being carried)
nine - we couldn't walk this pier because of Tyler's feet problems, but it looked beautiful

When I look back through our photos of our vacation, the thing that strikes me the most are the vibrant colours. Palm Springs had so many fresh flowers, perfectly manicured greens, and perfectly blue skies. I'm trying to add some pops of colour to our house, as Winnipeg has missed the memo on the start of spring. My lovely husband brought me home a beautiful plant yesterday that is taking centre stage on our dining room table. I'm pulling out Easter decorations and hoping to make some sugar cookies and Easter cupcakes like these I made last year.


Unknown said...

the triplet photo is amazing I woulda gone and chatted to her x

Unknown said...

Lovely photos :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! Just stopping by from the Collective Blog hop! Have a great week!

ms.composure said...

these are GREAT pictures!!!


KC @ genxfinance said...

Amazing photos. Oh how I miss the feel of sands under my feet, wriggling my toes in it.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Great pictures, I feel for that lady! A friend of mine is a mum of triplets, she gets people making remarks 100 times a day! xx