'A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

This picture was taken while Soren was sitting in an empty suitcase, or 'backpack' as he called it. I'm busy packing for our trip, and the Littlest is intent on helping out. Actually, he has been of little help recently. I fear he's entering the 'terrible twos', complete with throwing toys, screaming, and basically demanding exactly what he wants every second of the day. I went out for a pedicure this morning, and came home to find my husband at his wits end and the house in shambles. Soren had managed to open a package of chicken stock, and proceeded to pour it throughout a drawer of canned goods. Everything had to be taken out, wiped clean, and put back in again. I'm sure he thought it was hilarious, my husband not so much. We shall see how the next few weeks go - please just behave on the airplane, little guy!!


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What an adorable face! I totally hear you on the terrible twos, it's happening to us too!