Weekend recap


Our weekend involved one illness ending and another beginning. The littlest is now back to his regular self (thank goodness), but I've been hit with a terrible cold. We took it easy this weekend, no skating or tobogganing for us.

I've been catching up on The Good Wife, drinking insane amounts of tea, and dreaming of spring. We took a trip out for coffee and watched Beyonce shake it in the half-time show. And today, we are all back to our regular routines of work and daycare. It feels good to be back to a routine, and hopefully I'll  be back to feeling well tomorrow.

I have to share this wonderful recipe that I tried tonight. I saw this posted on the Never-Home Homemaker, although the original recipe is from Edible Perspective. So, without further ado - the recipe is Beer Soaked Fries! These were so good that we ate them straight out of the oven... and sadly no picture was taken. Click here for directions.
image from Edible Perspective 
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Unknown said...

Hope you get better soon mama! Happy Monday to you!

Faulkner's Ranch said...

Glad your little one is feeling all better! Hope you feel the same too!