Soren Gordon Linden


I think it's been way too long since I've done a Soren update. He'll be 20 months next week, and he's such an entertaining little guy. Right now he really likes to give credit to people who do things for him, such as telling me 'Daddy' over and over again as he points to his pyjamas (since Daddy changed him into them that night). He remembers things people gave him, so he will say 'Stickers. Jets. Amma' to explain that Amma gave him Jets Stickers.

He's a great little walker who can now hold my hand and walk on his own when we head down the street to daycare. When he gets tired he will stop and say 'Up. Money. Pease.' (I am known as Money in these parts... and 'pease' gets tacked on to almost every question he asks. My husband deserves all the credit here - he was waaay better than me at insisting on please and thank you's.)

Food still changes by the day. He asks for fruit with every meal, and has learned how to open the fridge and point to the fruit. Oranges, peaches, apples, grapes, pineapples, kiwis, and berries are the favourites. He's gotten worse at trying dinner items. I had veggie lasagna for dinner which he refused to try, even though I know he would like pasta with cheese and sauce.

Still can't complain about sleep - this dude's been a champion sleeper since day one. (Or more accurately - week six when he started sleeping through the night)

We finally bought a potty since he understood the concept and would sometimes talk about it. Now that it's in the house, he's somewhat less interested. He's sat on it with his clothes on a few times, but nothing has actually entered the potty, if you know what I mean.

My favourite part of the day is when he says 'Night Night', and 'Yuv You', when he's going to bed (sometimes even unprompted!). Another great thing is when he grabs my earrings/ bracelet / necklace and says 'Money. Pretty.' In the mornings he tries to leave his beloved blanket in bed, but then when we go downstairs for breakfast he gets panicky and needs it. He'll fuss and ask 'Blanket? Money? Pease?' How could I possibly refuse? He waves goodbye to our house as we leave for daycare, and hides his head in my shoulder if we hear an airplane on our walk over.

We have so much fun together every day. Reading books, colouring, baking, or playing in the bath. I honestly wish there were more hours in the day so I could spend more time with him. He's at a stage where I wish I would stay home with him every day, because it's so amazing to watch him learn new things, every single day. He's the best. We love him.

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Unknown said...

Great mommy moments-he is so cute! Our little guy was in daycare for over a year before I switched jobs and stayed home with him, I remember that feeling of wanting to be home with him...and then wanting to get out of the house when I was :)