Kisses from the valentines day cat


Happy Valentines Day from the Valentines Day cat! Soren loves to wear this mask around the house, pretending to be a cat. I stayed up late last night making some valentines cookies, but I was somewhat disappointed with how they turned out. Don't you hate that? It's a recipe I've used a hundred times, but for some reason they didn't want to turn out for me on a day I will be sharing them with my office.

Tyler and I are not doing anything to celebrate because we just purchased tickets to Palm Springs!! I can't wait to feel the desert sun on my skin, and take leisurely walks in the warm air. We haven't been on a family trip in awhile, and we're so excited to get away!

Have a lovely Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

Greatest kiss on Vday!

Salvaged Strawberry said...

Glad you found me too! <3 Love the name Soren! :) And, Palm Springs?! How amazing does that sound right now? We are going to get more snow soon and I am officially done with winter! I cannot wait for spring! Wishing you a great weekend! Love from Minneapolis aka Minnesnowta! xo

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

What lovely photos! Funny how kids get in to little things like that - Ollie would wear his superman outfit from morning till night if he could! x