He's a BOY


In case there was any doubt... this kid is a full on boy these days, growing up out of the baby stage all too quickly. Watching him in the bath last night I was amazed that he almost stretches the entire length of the tub! How it it possible when I remember so vividly his first bath, in a tiny little tub that sat on top of his change table? In less than 2 years he has changed so, so much - almost to the point that it's hard to remember those tiny newborn days.

When daddy brought this Jets hat home for him and placed it on top of his head, he seemed to grow a few years in an instant. I can imagine him at aged five, heading to school, at aged ten, playing with his friends... the list goes on if I let it. I think every mother says they wish they could freeze time, and enjoy the baby days for a little longer, and I am no exception. Soren, you have sooo long to be a boy - please stay a baby a little longer:)

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Cara said...

Love the post, Just had a baby boy last month and I am excited for all those little boy moments but definitely not ready for him to grow up but it goes so fast.