Cookies, Cocktails, Pancakes, and Popcorn


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so when I realized it was Pancake Tuesday I needed no convincing in deciding what to have for dinner. We would have blueberry pancakes, of course! I called my husband to grab some bacon on the way home, because obviously pancakes go better with crispy bacon. I beat both the boys home from work, and the weather was so nice (for once) I thought we deserved a refreshing cocktail.

On the weekend we got a wonderful surprise in the mail which was a big box of Florida oranges. Alongside the oranges were big, juicy grapefruits that I have been enjoying each morning for breakfast. I juiced a couple grapefruits and mixed it with some vodka and cointreau topped with a squeeze of lime. So fruity, refreshing, and delicious.

After enjoying our yummy blueberry pancakes, which the Littlest literally inhaled, we sat down to watch the Jets Game on TV. Soren's favourite book is called 'Our Home Team', about the Jets, and in it the family watches hockey games while eating popcorn, or 'pop' as he calls it. So he was delighted when his daddy told him we were going to eat popcorn, just like in his beloved book.

And the icing on the day, so to speak, were the beautiful cookies Soren made at his grandma's today! He came inside absolutely beaming, as he handed me his little goody bag filled with sugar cookies of Elmo and Cookie Monster. He was so proud of himself, and of course, his mama was too:)

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Robyn VI said...

What a wonderful evening, rooting for The Home Team!