Ready for a Blizzard?


The weather forecast is calling for snow, snow, and more snow. Normally I'd be excited about spending a cozy weekend cooped up inside, but Saturday morning I am supposed to be on a flight to Las Vegas. And, 20 centimetres of snow coupled with 70 kilometre winds don't really make for great flying weather. My dresses are lined up beside my long-johns, and we'll have to see what gets worn.

I find January such a funny month. Everyone is back to work, and the excitement of the holidays is forgotten. For me at least, spring is a VERY long way off. It's hard to decide what to focus on, what to look forward to. We're trying to keep our spirits up by planning a warm weather trip in March, and I'm trying to keep my body healthy by working out more and focusing on cooking healthy meals. Unfortunately, a teeny tiny little mouse has totally gotten the better of me, and I find it tough to cook - aways fearing that the little critter is going to jump out at me.

Here are five things that I am feeling happy about this week:
one. lots of coffee. We got several new varieties for Christmas, and I look forward to mornings when I can try out a new roast.
two. Ballet Barre. This new class I am going to is super tough, but it's fun, and it's been a long time since I've tried something new.
three. 'Money'. I am not referring to cash, but rather what my almost 19-month old calls me these days. It makes me smile every time.
four. a working washing machine. The pipes to our laundry room freeze when it gets too cold. obviously something we didn't figure out until mid-way through our first winter here. The mild temperatures this week mean I don't have to thaw the pipes with a hairdryer.
five. bubble baths. I'm reconnecting with this old favourite.

Have a lovely weekend and I'm linking up with high five for fridays.

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Shona Wood said...

Hi I'm a new follower from the meet and greet blog hop. It looks coooold over there bbrrrr! Fingers crossed it stays fine for your flight :)
I hope you can pop by my blog sometime and follow if you like it