Playdoh and Drools


I've been a bit scatterbrained this week, between four days away from my babes and planning for a party this weekend. I'm making list after list, which serve a purpose until I move on to the next list and totally scrap the first one. To top is off it is absolutely FREEZING in Winnipeg, and every extra second outdoors feels as if it's a torture sentence. It is that cold. Honestly, I don't think it can get colder.

Soren is killing me these days - in kind of a good way. He is learning so, so much - and changing into a little boy much faster than I would like. He remembers everything, tries to talk much more, can listen and understand, and it much sturdier on his little feet. He runs rather than walks, dances to music, and gets excited at appropriate times. All of this is obviously good news, as every parent wants their child to grow up into a healthy and strong individual. I just miss the baby days... when his sweet little body couldn't do anything more than sink into mine and relax. When he needed me more. Oh baby:)

These photos are from a month ago or so... the drool is pretty priceless!


Toni said...

Your a brave mama to get out the play dough. I need to work up the nerve one if these days. I have nightmares of it ending up smashed in the carpet! :).
Cute blog!

Amanda said...

that last pic of him drooling is precious. and as for play dough....funfunfun!! have a happy weekend, mama!

xo, amanda

Eatlovemerry said...

Sooo cute!