'A portrait of my child, every week, for one year'. Linking up with Jodi.

Mommy was having a party - so the Littlest had to test out the place settings:) It is so difficult to get a good shot of this little guy. Something is always moving - so I either have his face out of focus or the flailing cutlery out of focus. I can never get him to pause and just relax - unless it's while eating (not the greatest picture) or while watching TV.

(Party pictures coming tomorrow!)

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Unknown said...

Hi, I am your newest follower :) I found you through the Blog Hop - I am also a fellow mummy blogger hope we can get to know each other more!

My link is below, if you would like to follow that would be great http://beautylifeandbabies.blogspot.co.uk/


Jennifer said...

Oh I think that first picture is just so cute, great shot!

la petite lulu said...

I love the focus in the first shot! It's arty :)

kell said...

Hi Erika, thank you for your comment on my blog today. These photos of your little one are gorgeous! I love a busy baby! Too cute xx

EMily said...

I was just thinking that very thing. All of my shots are so blurry because they don't stop moving!