Night Skating


A few nights ago we met up with my family to go skating. It was a beautiful night - just a little chilly.The twinkling lights were so pretty, and there was a faint dusting of snow falling. We laced up our old skates (at least mine are very old) and took a few laps around the Duck Pond. The Littlest was somewhat interested in watching, but his highlight was once again a box of raisins. The kid is easy to please!!

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The last Christmas party


We've had a full week (or two) of holiday parties, and I think the Christmas themed ones are all wrapped up. We may go to a friends on NYE, followed by our customary 'weigh in' dinner at my parents on New Years Day. If this sounds weird... trust me it is! Not sure why or how this tradition started, but it's well into it's 35th year and still going strong. I may not be very happy with my weight this year, but that's what resolutions are for, right?

On Christmas day we went to four places. Surprisingly, it didn't feel too overwhelming or rushed. Once Soren is a bit older we will likely cut down on the events and concentrate on creating our own traditions at home. For now, we'll happily trek around the city, eating more and more at every stop.

I'd like to say hello to all of my new followers through the Meet and Greet blog hop. Thank you! If you haven't checked out some of the other great bloggers - you really should.

Busy over here


I was looking back on 2012, and what a great year it was. This time last year the Littlest was only 6 months old, and he has changed so much in 12 months. While I used to be the 'preferred' parent, I have recently taken a back seat (perhaps I'm riding in the trunk...) to 'DADDY!!!" In the last few weeks Daddy has become the hero around our house, while I have done everything wrong. It's a far change from months when I couldn't even go to the bathroom alone. I'm trying to hold down the fort today while Daddy is at work, and so far it's going alright. Perhaps I should put on one of Tyler's shirts?!

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Adventures at the Children's Museum


As you can see from the pictures, the Littlest absolutely loved the children's museum. What's not to like? It was pretty cool, for all three of us. What wasn't cool was how the littlest fell asleep in the car on the way home, for a full 15 minutes, and then proceeded to skip his afternoon nap. We are sooo thankful that he is a good sleeper! A one-day preview of what life would be like without a nap was not a pretty site.

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A box of raisins


Christmas was BIG this year. A lot of parties, presents, food, and family. Soren is often the only kid around, so he tends to attract a lot of attention. We had a great day, preceded by a really wonderful Christmas Eve. This baby of ours is just too good. He stays up way past his bedtime, gets shuffled from place to place, all the while getting shoved into his snowsuit, and he doesn't mind a bit. We are so lucky to have him.

When Soren saw two boxes of raisins placed on top of his stocking, he figured he had won the jackpot! Who needs anything else? Another favourite toy was a whistle (around his neck), and a slinky. Linking up with Wordless-ish Wednesday and Random Wednesdays. p.s. - It's almost 9am and the baby is still in bed!

December 23


Christmas is the day after tomorrow, and I'm finally starting to feel prepared. The littlest has been sick for the past few days, so we've been sticking close to home and spending lots of time reading books and watching sesame street.

I've also been baking up a storm! Chocolate thumbprints, cranberry shortbread, mini chocolate raspberry cheesecake bites, and gingersnaps are all in the fridge; ready to be packaged, delivered, and eaten. Soren and I took a box over to our neighbours this afternoon, and we have a few more boxes to prepare as gifts.

I'm really excited to watch The Sound of Music tonight! It's one of my all-time favourite movies, and I hope Soren can stay up a little later and watch with me. Merry Christmas!

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on my mind


I'm finding the Christmas spirit a little harder to find this year. The tragedy in Connecticut is so terrible, so gut-renching, so incomprehensible... it's hard to bake cookies and put on a smile. When I'm getting Soren dressed in the morning, or packing his little bag, I keep thinking of those parents who did the very same thing last Friday.

I am behind on Christmas cards, on decorating, and on purchasing gifts. But I'm not all that motivated to get started on it. I am thankful that my family is all safe and healthy, and I will be spending time with almost all of them in the coming week. I want to focus more on building relationships, rather than selecting the perfect gift. I am most looking forward to spending a full 11 days away from the office, with my little guy. I'm looking forward to winter walks, leisurely breakfasts, and lots of cuddles.

cupcakes and christmas trees


We finally got our Christmas tree on Sunday, and it's now up in the living room with it's sparkly lights and calming glow. The day started with a power breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches, and then we piled in the car and listened to carols. It was the most beautiful winter day - the trees looked magical with their frosted branches, and the sky was a cozy grey colour. 

We stopped to try and snap a few pictures, and passed by some guys who had gone winter camping the night before. They told us the glowing light from Ikea ruined their 'rustic' experience (although I guess that's what happens when you camp in the city!). The campers graciously took a family photo of us, one of the very few that we have. 

After selecting a tree, we shoved it in the back of the car and tied the trunk down. Soren couldn't believe his luck that he got to sit next to his 'tee'. On the way home I decided to stop by Sweet Impressions for a cupcake, because what's better than decorating the Christmas tree on a sugar high?

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