A looong week.


I don't think I can quite muster a 'High Five for Friday' post this week. This week has been stressful. The littlest has decided he only likes his dada, which means when I get him up in the morning he doesn't want me to get him out of the crib. Or change his diaper, or get him dressed, or feed him... He's 100%, all about Dada. Which I've had coming, I suppose, after months of not being able to go to the bathroom without taking him with me. But it's made for some frustrating, tearful, mornings. When I drop him off at daycare and already feel exhausted... and it's only 8am.

I am happy for the weekend. I'm almost finished my Advent Calendar and I vow to have it hanging on the wall for December 1st. We're going to a beer tasting (at a friends) on Saturday night which should be a lot of fun. And I have a dining room table full of Christmas decorations that are begging to be put up. Hopefully my Littlest will allow my to be his second favourite parent!

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Icelandic Sweater


I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful Icelandic Sweater as a gift, and it is extra-special because it was hand-made by my aunt. It's really warm on chilly days, which we have definitely been having a lot of lately! I know that it is going to be a staple in my winter wardrobe for many years to come.

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a trip to the rink


Last night I tried to make one of our other favourite meals, since our chicken enchilada dinner last week had been a major failure. This time I ignored any preferences of the Littlest, and just made something I knew Tyler and I would love. This recipe is AMAZING! I found it on epicurious which has a great little weekly menu planning tool. I often get inspiration for my meal plans from it, and a few weeks back tried the Beef, Shiitake, and Snap Pea Stir-Fry. So, so, good. I used regular button mushrooms, but other than that followed the recipe to a t.
After dinner the two dudes headed down the street to the local hockey rink to check out the action. Tyler's hoping to develop a future NHL player, and he's taking his job seriously! So far it's working - Soren loves everything to do with the sport. He's pretty into his dad these days, and I think he would be into anything his dad was passionate about. All future NHL players wear hats with ears on them, right?

Sitting Still


Soren is a chameleon these days. He changes his mind on absolutely everything, a million times per day. Foods that have always been his favourite are suddenly tossed on the floor, and I struggle to get through a meal without him having a complete breakdown.

After a rough week last week - crying non-stop every morning at breakfast, refusing to eat, and refusing to pretty much do anything I wanted, the weekend arrived and brought with it our lovely, happy, baby. It was wonderful! He had a sleepover at Amma and Grandpa's on Friday night while we went to a house concert. I've never been to one before, but I would highly recommend going if you ever get the chance. The musicians were great and it's so relaxing to watch live music in the comfort of someone's house.

On Sunday morning we had a couple friends over for brunch, and Soren devoured his blueberry pancakes with gusto. We were relaxing at the table when he brought over his playdoh, and I was thrilled to get to sit with my little guy for a full ten minutes. I love watching his face light up as he learns something new, or breaks out into a song. Row, row, row your boat is a current favourite, tied with Jingle Bells and the ABC's. Linking up with the Jellibean Journals today - Happy Monday!

Living in the Arctic


We don't live in the arctic, but looking at these pictures you might not be so sure. My lovely husband took the dogs to the dog park yesterday and managed to snap these photos of them. Since we've had a baby we tend to ignore the dogs. Sad, but oh so true. It seems like another lifetime when we would schedule our weekends around trips to the dog park, walks, and even doggy daycare. I'm glad I was toasty warm inside while they were braving the elements!

Holiday Inspirations


I'm in the Christmas mood... although I still have weeks to go before we can put up our tree, my husband won't let me listen to Christmas music, and most of the Holiday baking I've done has already been eaten. I have so many ideas that I want to accomplish, from creating an advent calendar to making a gingerbread house! It's so much more fun now that we have another little person to share all of the holiday excitement with. Linking up with Shanna!


Secret kisses


This picture makes me smile. I am so lucky to have such a sweet little guy in my life... It is not thanksgiving in Canada this week, but I am always feeling thankful for my perfect little family of three.

I was inspired to challenge myself after reading about Elise's Mile a day challenge. She explained that last year she challenged herself to run one mile a day, for every day between Thanksgiving and New Year's. I've been needing something to kickstart my non-existant workout routine, and I think this is the perfect thing. A mile is not very far, and it does not take that long to run. If I can force myself out of the house to run every single day for the next six weeks, I will be very proud of myself. I started yesterday as I wanted to actually run a mile before committing to it, and it went ok. The weather was above zero so I ran outside, but once it dips below freezing again I think I'll move it inside to the gym.

The little smiling guy is a bit of a whirling dervish these days - and I need the energy to keep up with him!!

Sunday Brunch


We had friends over this morning for pancakes, and Soren had a blast with his little playmate. They raced around the house, over and under the tables, chairs, and sofas creating a little obstacle course. Sundays are the best!

Happy Friday.


This week has flown by, and I'm looking forward to a full weekend ahead, starting with wine tasting tonight. We are joining three other couples to sample wines from Spain - my favourite region! I'm a little biased because I spent a semester in Barcelona when I was 21.

A few of my favourite moments from the week.
ONE. snow, snow, and more snow.

TWO. Trading in six of my mac makeup recyclables for a brand new eyeshadow!
 THREE. my favourite little baker! Followed by eating my favourite cinnamon buns:)
 FOUR. Bathing babe is now 17 months (how did that happen???)
FIVE. I'm not usually a fan of Starbucks seasonal drinks (too sweet - I'll take an Americano please!), but I headed out for a peppermint mocha yesterday and it was delicious. I'm afraid I'm in trouble...
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A candlelit dinner for one


Lately dinners have been a bit of a struggle, as Soren fusses and wants to sit all over the house. He doesn't want to sit in his highchair, or at the table, or on one of our laps... it's a constant 'no,no,no' as he tries to figure out what he wants.

Hoping to spare the nighttime tantrums, I decided to make his all time favourite meal - Chicken Enchiladas. I was so prepared that I even made the chicken and the sauce a day ahead, so we could eat by 6:30 and the Littlest could enjoy it. Enjoy it he did not. Instead, he turned up his nose completely and only drank his milk. sigh... We tried to enjoy it as best we could, ignoring the squeals and protests from the head of the table.

Adventures with dada


Soren's daycare provider was sick today, so his 'dada' took the day off to spend with him. Since Soren is pretty much obsessed with his dada these days, I figured they were in for a pretty great day together. (When I get him up in the mornings, his very first word is 'dada?', which he doesn't stop saying until after we get dressed and go and see dada. And, if heaven forbid dada is out, ALL I hear is dada?, dada?, dada? as he wanders around the house searching for him. It's very sweet...)

Luckily, I got to see these photos to see how the two best buds spent their day.

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Snow day - day two!


I put up our 'winter' wreath, which always means Christmas is just around the corner!!
It was a weekend of snow, and Tyler and I were both lucky enough to have Monday off, so it was a great long week-end for staying in. We woke up Sunday (Remembrance Day), to realize that quite a few more inches of snow had fallen throughout the night. We decided not to brave the roads to go to a Remembrance Day service, so instead we bundled up and walked the dogs to the park. 

The Littlest was not too sure about all the snow. He couldn't walk well in his massive snowsuit, and we don't have proper winter boots for him yet. Partway along the walk I realized his face was getting cold, so I wrapped my extra scarf around him. It was the type of scarf that is not meant for cold (definitely a fashion scarf) and Tyler commented that he looked like a little hobo. 
On Monday we decided to get out of the house and pick up a few craft supplies. I've been wanting to pick up a few things for Soren for awhile now. I got something for myself that I've been wanting for ages... a glue gun!! Not sure how I've lived without one for so many years... all day my minds been thinking up ideas that involve gluing. I got a little overexcited and burned my thumb making this little holiday decor item below.

We came home with more than just a glue gun, one extra was this cute stacking toy from Melissa and Doug. We had it waiting on the coffee table after the Littlest awoke from his nap, and his eyes lit up when he saw it. (Unknown to me, the camera was on a weird setting and I couldn't get a great shot.)

Snow day


We woke up to snow yesterday, and we were excited to get outside and check it out! Soren was most excited to pick up pieces of snow and watch them melt in his hot little hand. The snow continued through the night, and today is a shovelling day. It's also a perfect day for home-made cinnamon buns!

I have a new little baker who stands on a chair and helps me mix. I thought this was adorable yesterday when we were making cookies, but today realized that it can be a lot more work! I turned my back for a second and the Littlest was eating spoonfuls of cinnamon/sugar/butter mixture. He didn't like the idea that we had to BAKE the buns, and wait twenty long minutes to get to enjoy them. I think we could all agree it was worth the wait.

Hello Friday!


I am gearing up for a long weekend indoors, as there is a snowstorm predicted to hit later today! I'm actually very excited about this... I'm looking forward to hot chocolates and playing in the snow with the Littlest. We are also celebrating a long weekend, as Remembrance Day falls on a sunday this year. One extra day with my best little helper is always welcomed.

This week I've started to get inspired to do some crafting. I'm still brainstorming for my Advent Calendar project, but I'm coming up with some great ideas (thanks Pinterest!). I've had an 'S' that I planned to wrap with yarn forever... and last night I finally sat down and completed it. It may get hung on a wall eventually, but for now the S is keeping that little leather dog company.

 Craft #two is the felt hearts I posted a while back, and I hope to get these completed soon. 

Excellent news!! We received the Ikea catalogue in the mailbox today, along with a flyer announcing its opening in a mere three weeks! And it's only a ten minute drive from our house...
I dragged out the skirt a couple weeks ago, and I honestly think it may be the oldest thing in my wardrobe. It's at least ten years old, but a brown corduroy skirt is perfect for this kind of fall weather.

Finally, from me and the Littlest - Cheers to a good week-end! (He loves cheers-ing anything, from toast at breakfast to pieces of an apple, and or course real drinks!)

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