A scary halloween


It was all a little scary for the Littlest 16-month old. He was not too sure of all the kiddos coming to the door dressed up with masks and costumes... We went to two houses - our neighbours - and he liked that people greeted him at the door with a bowl of candy. We turned off the lights once the kids started to get taller than me, around 8:15, and our grand total was 87 trick or treaters! Happy Halloween!

10 steps to a fabulous Halloween Party


ONE. invite a little cat
 TWO. set the table with handmade goodie bags
 THREE. make candy apples with twigs 
 FOUR. wear a spider on your head
FIVE. poison your guests 
 SIX. serve goblins eyeballs (bacon wrapped mini-potatoes with a sour-cream dipping sauce)
 SEVEN. eat the cat. Opps - she just hopped up on the table. No one ate her:)
 EIGHT. dinasour eggs and eyeballs. ghost chips. 'Devils' eggs. a pumpkin cheese-ball (not pictured)
 NINE. light candles and pour the vampire blood (red wine)
TEN. send guests home with beautiful gift bags, leftovers in take-out containers, chocolates, and candy.

p.s. - You also must be my mother-in-law to be able to pull something like this off. I seriously could NEVER do anything on this scale! There were so many other details that I didn't mention... I should send the pictures in to Martha Stewart or perhaps do some blog features of her crafts and decor ideas? I'm sure I could fill a post a day from now until Christmas. Thank you hosting a beautiful dinner!!

The terror


We went to a pumpkin patch this past weekend, the same one we went to last year. It was cold, and we'll have to try and go a little earlier next year - when the leaves are still on the ground. Soren is crazy! He races everywhere he goes, climbs up anything and everything, and generally causes a scene wherever he goes. For the most part the scenes are good - he tends to attract a lot of attention from other moms and grandma's who give us knowing looks while mouthing 'boys', with a slight shake of their heads. A boy he is, as was glaringly evident to us as we compared this years photos to last years, when he was only four months old. It was a lot easier to take a decent photo last year, this year he raced from one thing to another as we struggled to keep him from killing himself!


High Five for Friday!


This week has been grey and rainy - but I'd prefer that over snow. Let's get right into my favourite things this week!

ONE and TWO. fall tights and the best wool slippers
 THREE. a chocolate macaroon from The Crusty Bun
 FOUR. Striped hats
FIVE. Playing dress up for Halloween
SIX. Online shopping. It's so, so easy! And I love waiting for the email that announces a one-day sale. How can you NOT take advantage of 40% off plus free shipping?! Especially when you can do it on your lunch hour... :) Have a great weekend! Linking up with From my Grey Desk Blog.

A little costume


I'm busy attempting to make the Littlest's halloween costume, as he has a party to attend on Saturday! Someone asked me today if I had any halloween parties to go to this year, and I realized that while I don't, the Littlest has two! My social life is slowing down while my one-year-olds is ramping up. I guess I should get used to it...

He's going to be a cat - hopefully! My sewing skills are not the best, and I tend to get a little frustrated when the thread jams up or I accidentally sew the front of a shirt closed to the back (which I have done twice). Patience is not really my forte, but I am trying to get better:) I have a back up (store-bought) costume in the closet if this doesn't turn out.

The days are getting colder...


It's very dreary outside, and I am dreaming of all things wool. I want to wrap my self up in layer upon layer, pile wool blankets on the bed, and bury my toes in woollen socks. I may have mentioned this before, but I really want to learn how to knit. Nothing fancy - just the ability to make some cozy scarves or maybe a blanket. I'm going to go and pick out some beautiful wool to motivate me to start. 

After I ate all the chocolate chips in the house yesterday, I made Tyler and I hot chocolates for a little evening treat.

I just love these little felt hearts! They look great in a wooden bowl, and also would be adorable on the Christmas tree. I may enlist a friend or two for a crafting party and get started with holiday projects.

From one to three


This past weekend I had a lot of family in town, and my second cousin stayed with me - along with her two babies! For three nights I pretended I had a big family of five instead of three. It was fun (if a little exhausting) and we had some good adventures.

Some things I learned this weekend:
- Get dressed and put makeup on before the kids get up. Otherwise - it's 10am and I'm scrambling to get out the door with some lipgloss on. Also, we took about 20 shots of us eating a big pancake breakfast together, and I look so horrific in my pyjamas I couldn't bear to put any up.
- It's just as easy - maybe even easier - to cook for 6 as it is for 3
- Boys like to play rough. Even though they are all babies, we needed to intervene with the hair pulling and sitting on each others heads
- If we ever have three kids we will need a bigger car. Our small SUV is great for us, but not so great for 3 carseats. (Tyler had to sit in the hatchback - poor guy!)
- Naptime is very important. With one baby off schedule it's manageable, with 3 it's not.
- Soren doesn't have to sit in a highchair! Since he was not the littlest, his highchair was taken over. I was shocked at how nicely he sat in a real chair, and even used his cutlery properly!
- Playgrounds are the best. So much fun for little boys:)

Ready for the weekend


It's been a long week... and in a couple hours I am heading to the airport to pick up my cousin and her two little boys who will be staying with us this weekend. It was a very last minute trip, but I am looking forward to having a house full of little boys - all under three. The last time they were together Soren wasn't too happy about getting his picture taken...
Luckily for all of us, he has gotten over the 'need to be attached to mommy at all times' stage. In fact, he's nearly always trying to get away from me now! We went to the firehall recently for an open house, and he was running up to that firetruck as fast as his little legs would take him.
I hope to be back on Sunday or Monday with lots of great shots of the three little boys. So happy that we got our new camera! It's fun learning how to use it. Have a great weekend:)

Toddler activities


Lately I've been trying to incorporate some new activities into Soren's routine. I keep underestimating him - and he's capable of doing a lot more than I give him credit for for. He's trying to talk all of the time, and he watches every single thing we do and tries his best to copy us.

On Saturday afternoon I baked some fall cookies, and as I was decorating them Soren woke up from his nap. I put him in his highchair, and he studied me for quite some time to figure out what it was that I was doing. After a while I handed him a cookie and a spoon and let him get to work! We had a great time, and after the cookie decorating we had a fun Saturday afternoon bath:)

I've tried a lot of different sugar cookie recipes, and my favourite is the basic sugar cookie recipe from Karen's Cookies.net. It's super simple and the cookies roll out well - something that sometimes is tough to do. Once baked, the cookies have a perfect consistency and are not too fragile, which is very important when a one-year old is helping!