Fall Sunday


We woke up this morning and walked to Starbucks, and then stopped off at a new park we hadn't visited before. The walk tired all of us out - the dogs are lazing about, Soren is sleeping, and we are in our Sunday routine of baking and football.
Soren's adorable fall sweater is from H and M, last season

I keep seeing wonderful pumpkin recipes on the internet, so I decided to bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. They are delicious, and unbelievably easy to make. I found the recipe on All Recipes here.

On Friday night Tyler and I went to a wine tasting at Piazza de Nardi with another couple. The theme was 'Thanksgiving Wines', and we tried a variety of wines that the sommelier recommended for turkey dinners. Our fave was a Gewurztraminer from Ruby Blues Winery in British Columbia. I think we were a little biased though, since we visited the winery on our honeymoon. We ended the evening at a wonderful Spanish Tapas restaurant where we ate chorizo and apples, seared scallops, braised short-ribs, and a charcuterie board.

Happy Mess



I normally hate messiness. I feel much calmer when the laundry is folded, the dishes are washed, and the toys are put away. However, this evening I was relaxing watching Parenthood (a great new show I just discovered), when I looked around and actually enjoyed all of the mess. There were crayons on the floor, bits of paper ripped up, an overturned chair turned into a fort, and a random high-heel in the middle of the living room floor.

Rather than feel anxious or upset, I actually felt happy that I live in such a wonderful home. I'm thankful to have a spirited baby who throws crayons on the floor, rips up paper (why??), and likes to carry shoes around the house. Someone pointed out recently that babies are very similar to puppies in their chosen activities... very true!

So I choose to relax, eat a piece of chocolate and relish in the mess. It's just proof that we're living a happy life, right?? I'm sure I'll feel differently when I wake up in the morning and can't find my shoes as I'm racing out the door, but for now it's ok to be messy. I'm glad I've got someone to mess things up:)

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Wordless Wednesday


Where has this sweet baby gone? He's still sweet (most of the time!), but he has changed SO MUCH in a year...

Two soup spoons


When you have trouble getting the spoon to your mouth, two are better than one!!
I made Southwestern Sweet Potato Soup for dinner tonight and it was a big hit with the Littlest! He enjoyed it so much he had to take his shirt off and really go to town. I think the last time I made it was back in January, at which point the Littlest couldn't really enjoy much of anything (other than breast milk of course!). This has definitely put me in the mood to make soups, and I'm excited to try cream of cauliflower, potato and leek, gingered carrot, and mexican tortilla. Soups are such a great meal - cheap and healthy (unless they are ladened with cream I guess). 

One of those days


Sunday was 'one of those days'. Soren woke up too early, and then was a little fussy throughout the morning. We went to Fort Whyte, and argued in the car when I gave Soren some cheerios to munch on. I was definitely the one in the wrong, as I learned with the screams that followed once the cheerios were done. 

The real trouble began once we got home, and the Littlest woke up from his nap. He's normally pretty cheerful upon awakening, but today he was screaming, and when I pulled him out of his crib his cheeks looked a little red. Tyler commented that he was looking a little 'off', and then I tried to offer him some milk. He freaked out. Like - screaming, crying, tears streaming down his face, hiccuping, throwing his toys around... We have NEVER seen him like that!! Finally he calmed down enough to drink the milk, but once it was finished and I offered him a muffin the screams started again. He was putting his fingers in his mouth, so we guessed that maybe he has new teeth coming in that are causing him some pain. I gave him baby advil, and he calmed down a bit. 

The rest of the afternoon was touch and go. He was ok... but definitely not his normally happy self. We gave him a second mini-nap around 4:30, and when he woke up he seemed to be back to normal. Still no idea what was wrong, and I sure hope we do not have to see this type of behaviour often! It's so tough when you can't understand what the problem is. I think I'm ready for next week-end!
 Bird watching. And playing with the ever-popular sticks!

Bundle up


image via
I'm back in Winnipeg and feeling the urge to bury myself under blankets with a cup of hot cocoa! It is COLD here, although the sun is shining and it looks gorgeous from indoors. I arrived home yesterday afternoon and picked up the dude early from daycare. In my absence his dad taught him a new word... 'please'. It sure is a lovely little word to hear coming out of his mouth!

We celebrated our anniversary last night over mussels, a cheese plate, and a hammerchop steak. My parents looked after the Littlest while we walked to one of our favourite restaurants, and caught up on our week apart. That is the great thing about work trips - getting caught up on each other's lives once we are back together. Three nights is the perfect amount of time away. I missed being here with my family, but it's also fun to stay in a hotel and eat at fantastic restaurants. I only regret not finding a spare hour to change into my bathing suit and lay out by the ocean. It was so hot, and the water looked so inviting.

With no solid plans for the rest of the week-end, I hope to make some tasty meals and catch up on hugs with the baby. Maybe take a little nap, too.



It is hot, hot, hot here in Miami! Sadly, I have been locked up in the hotel for my entire stay, and the closest I've gotten to the beach is having lunch on an outdoor patio.

I really wish I had planned this trip a little better, and gotten my husband to meet me for the weekend. Next time!

I can only imagine what the streets of Miami are like... From my window I can see a lot of thong bikini bottoms, platform shoes, and major bling. These hold true for both men and women:)

Three Years!


Happy Anniversary! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you when I'm back from Miami!! xoxo

He's 15 months!


Which means he's basically too fast for pictures... he's always off to one thing or another! I had planned to do a little 'Day in the Life of...' post, but I'm too tired for that and I have to be on a plane in a few hours. Instead, I'll just share a couple fun facts about my favourite little guy.

1) He is a GREAT sleeper! Always has been, but I probably do not give enough thanks for it. He wakes up in the morning with a big smile on his face, and he's ready to go. This past weekend he learned how to say 'downstairs', which he tells me the second I scoop him from his crib.

2) He will eat anything that is baked. I don't think there has been a single baked good that he has ever turned down in his entire life. If it looks like a muffin, or roll, or piece of bread... he wants 'more' (cue frantic signing)

3) He loves books. And singing, and dancing, and silly faces, and clapping, and play-doh, and scampering under chairs or tables, and bouncing up and down... the list could go on and on. We love HIM so much, we're pretty much in awe of everything that he does. And I think he knows it:)

Weekend re-cap


I felt like I had some ambitious plans for the week-end, and while I didn't quite get everything checked off my to-do list, I did accomplish quite a lot.

Friday night was an ever-exciting trip to Costco, where we loaded up our cart with new tupperware. (Life gets more and more exciting with each passing year... We were seriously excited to come home and replace our drawer full of mis-matched containers for new ones!)

Saturday morning we went to the Farmers Market as per usual, which I am really going to miss at the end of October when it closes for the season. We picked up some fresh carrots and beans, and munched on a still-warm cinnamon bun. Soren made friends with two little girls who were totally taken with him, one of whom picked him up and tried to carry him several times. He didn't mind a bit!

We got a last minute invite to a friends house for dinner, and I had to turn around on the way there because we'd forgotten Soren's playpen. We went back for it, which made for a lovely evening for us! He was great at our friends house minus a little incident with a stuffed buffalo that made noises... let's just say we've never seen Soren SCARED before and it is the saddest thing. Apparently the kid does not like buffalos, or at least ones that make noise. Bringing a playpen with us is fabulous, because he slept in their guest room while we enjoyed a delicious feast of lamb, kale, and 'the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten' according to Tyler.

Sunday was spent building forts, checking out some ducks, attempting to sew baby leg warmers (pictures to come once I verify they fit the babe), watching football (not me), baking muffins, and enjoying, dis-liking, a pumpkin spiced latte. I like the idea of them, but they are too sweet, even when I ask for half sweet.

Soren's shirt is from Ralph Lauren and the cardigan is an oldie from H & M.

Is it Friday?


This week has kind of flown by... but also kind of dragged on. I think I'm just feeling indecisive these days. I've been staring at my closet for way too long in the mornings, taking forever to decide on breakfast, and can't make up my mind on which route to take to work. I need a serious house clean/purge to start Fall off with a clean slate. On the agenda for the weekend? Lots of cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and organizing. I'm off to Miami next week for work, and I'm determined to be a good wife and leave my husband food in the fridge and clean clothes in everyones drawers.

Here are some of my favourite things this week.

1) West Elm is now shipping in Canada. This may not be a new thing, but I just heard about it! If only they would open a store in Winnipeg, and a Pottery Barn, a Pottery Barn Kids, J Crew, H & M, Zara... I could go on! I'm thinking about ordering this shower curtain.
2) I saw this cute tutorial for icing cupcakes, and I want to buy myself a bigger star tip and give them a try! I LOVE cupcakes, but haven't made them in awhile. On the to-do list for the weekend.
image and tutorial from Maillardville Manor
3) I'm going to make Sweater Leg Warmers! I've already cut up an old sweater, and it shouldn't take too long to sew a hem. Don't they look cozy for fall?! I found this inspiration via The Farmers Nest.
via TheFarmersNest.com

4) I went on a little shopping spree for Soren. These striped leggings may not look all that masculine, but I think they are perfect for a one-year old to run and crawl around in.
via The Gap
5) Fall! This (blurry) pictures sums it up. Crisp evening walks with cozy sweaters on, leaves cracking beneath us, a baby with his thumb in his mouth, and two dogs ready for anything!

Baby fall fashion


Today was the first day I wore tights, and I think I could have used a scarf too! I hate having to bundle up to go to work, but my office is always freezing and while I was away on maternity leave they banned desk heaters!! What?! I'm going to have to bring in some blankets and throws to keep at my desk... and lots of hot tea.

After dinner of warm turkey chili (easiest recipe of all time - I found it in this cookbook), I tried to take the dude outside for a couple of fall photos. He had other plans. Posing - or standing in one place - was definitely NOT on his agenda! Oh well, we got a couple of cute ones anyways.

I love love love his reindeer sweater, which was purchased last winter from H & M. They fit really big for babies - I think this one is a 6-9 month. His skinny jeans are from Joe Fresh, which has awesome baby clothes, especially for boys.

Like father like son



This picture rings true to me right now because Soren is learning SO MUCH. He watches every little thing we do, and tries to copy us. He's pretty smart too... he pieces things together that I definitely wouldn't expect. I dressed him in some new 'one and a half' year old clothes today and couldn't believe how old he looked. (even though both the sweater and pants had to be rolled up - he's not actually that big yet!) It's exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time. I hope we are teaching him our best traits, and not our worst. It's easy to notice the cute things he picks up on, but he's picking up on all the raised voices, disagreements, and bad behaviour too. Seeing him learning so much reminds me that I have to strive to be the best person I can be... because I am ALWAYS being watched:)



On Friday night we checked into our hotel in downtown Minneapolis, and walked a few blocks to the new Twins stadium. It was a beautiful night (if a little cold) and we cheered on the Twins for almost 6 innings before calling it a night. I'd say 6 innings is pretty good for baseball...

As we were walking back to the hotel we were chatting about what a great city Minneapolis is. It was busy, and the streets were filled with couples going to restaurants, families at the baseball game, and people getting ready for a Friday night out. We were about a block from our hotel when I noticed my husband drop back from the group a little. Oblivious, my friend and I kept chatting until we heard some guy behind us trying to offer Tyler drugs. *What??* I turned around, and saw about 3 young guys - thugs - standing just behind me. The one guy was distracting us all by this weird drug pitch, as he pulled 'drugs' from his pockets. In the blink of an eye they had all disappeared, and Tyler told us he thought they took my friends i-phone from her purse. Sure enough, it was gone.

These guys were total professionals. Tyler said that he noticed them trying to pass us, but rather than speed up and go around they just walked right behind us. He knew something weird was happening, and tried to scare the guys by saying 'What did you get?', hoping they would drop the phone and flee. He didn't want a confrontation - since you never know is someone is carrying a knife or a gun.

So scary! The creepiest part is that these guys were probably following us for a couple blocks, and then moved in for the kill. The purse was between my friend and I, so this guy was so close he could stick his hand between us without us even knowing. Ugh. Thankfully we were all ok, and the worst of it the cost of replacing an i-phone. Here are a couple pictures before the evening took a turn for the worst.

What a weekend


The wedding was beautiful and we had great time with friends. We also got pick-pocketed on the way home from the Twins game, and hit a deer on the highway. It was an intense weekend!

Today I am home from work to look after my favourite little guy!! We have already eaten toast, which Soren tried to say 'tsts', and read at least 10 books. It should be an entertaining day!

Road Trip!


By the time this is published I will be on the road to Minneapolis! We are leaving the baby at home with my parents (again) and taking a road trip to attend a friends wedding. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to a weekend away with my husband! I have no ties to this wedding - as in it's not family and neither of us are IN the wedding party - so we get to relax and enjoy it all.

I was looking through my photo archive to dig up something road trip related, and I found tons of great images! To scale it down, I've included some from my FAVOURITE road trip, when we got married!

First though - I found these pictures of an old school bus. School bus trips were so much fun, but also terrible at the same time. I get carsick easily, and the bouncing around does not bring back fond memories.

Some images from our trip our west three years ago. The prairies are LONG and flat... but once your get to the rockies the scenery gets a lot more interesting.

 AWESOME fruit stands on the side of the road in BC.

Not so awesome dingy gas station / motels on the side of the TransCanada. (Don't worry - we did not stay there!!!)
Lastly - This is a picture of the BEST Bloody Mary that I got on a previous road trip to Minneapolis. We stumbled upon this whole in the wall diner that served an unreal brunch. It was actually quite upscale, compared to the outside of the building. This caesar must have had 5 ounces of vodka and 10 different edible garnishes. Sadly - we can't find the location of this diamond in the rough to go back to! 
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Sofa inspirations


While sitting on the couch today, I looked down and saw that there is almost a hole worn through the fabric! A lot of our furniture was purchased a few years back when I worked for a furniture design company, and sadly it is not standing up to the test of time. I don't think having 2 dogs helps... especially when they like to jump up on the sofa whenever they feel like it.

I think we are going to have to purchase a new sofa in the next few months, so I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for a good deal! I want something solid with good depth and strong lines. I hate bulky sofas and would prefer something with a modern look, but also comfortable enough to lounge around on. Time to visit the furniture stores! I love looking at furniture... it always gives me inspiration to keep our house neat and tidy, which automatically makes everything look nicer.
image via

image via google (I hate the round cushions on the sofa... but think it would be nice sans pillows)

image via Design Mom

image via The Marion House

A baby and a purse


Soren found his new favourite toy... my purse! He quickly pulled it off the shelf, slung it around his neck, walked in to see me in the living room and waved 'bye-bye' before heading to the door. It's so funny to see everything he learns! Clearly, he sees me grab my purse before I leave the house, and figured he should do the same.

I have a busy day at work ahead of me, and I don't know how I'm going to get through the day with this awful cold. I've stocked up on cold and sinus medicines that I hope can keep me functioning until I get home. I'm already looking forward to plopping down on the couch with a big glass of water. (Normally I would say glass of wine... but I don't think I could even taste a glass of wine right now.) Hoping that this clears up before our weekend trip to Minneapolis!

Kleenex's & Cough Syrup


We went to the lake yesterday - hoping for one last swim and some time in the sun. Instead, when we arrived we were absolutely overcome by running noses and sneezing fits. Soren had developed a cold on Friday night, after his big injury, and while his nose does not stop running, he seems to be a pretty happy camper in all other senses.

Tyler and I on the other hand... We're feeling pretty badly. While the sun is shining today - while we secretly wish it was dark and stormy - I don't know if we're going to be able to take advantage of it. When I woke up this morning and took the Littlest down for breakfast I passed about 8 piles of used kleenex's...eww. We're each basically carrying a box attached to our hips. It's gonna be a LONG day... judging from the fact that it's 8:28am and I'm ready to pull the covers back over my head.

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A littlest injury


Soren fell into the coffee table last night and split his lip open. I freaked out and immediately thought we needed to rush to the ER. Tyler kept much calmer, and cleaned up the blood while holding Soren and keeping him from touching his lip. It was terrible! The poor guy has a fat lip today, and to top it off he caught a cold at daycare and can't sleep well. We were up more than a few times lsat night, which seems so strange for our best sleeper.

At the farmer's market this morning someone commented that his injury was probably far worse for me than it was for him. I'd have to agree. I'm still feeling sorry for the little guy... while he's running around like a maniac. I'm so thankful that he has been a healthy baby, and hope that we avoid serious injury or illness for a VERY long time. It's just too sad:(

Feeling better at the Farmer's Market